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May 4th, 2004

02:26 pm - it's official...comment if you want to be added!
title or description

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May 3rd, 2004

07:43 pm
how awesome is my new usericon? i didn't even pirate it-it was custom made for me. i am too cool for my own journal man.


soon i'm gonna make my journal friends only. i had a custom banner made up for it too-it is hysterical and i <3 it almost as much as i love my new icon.

yea i'm lame, i know. hehe

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May 2nd, 2004

02:29 am - <3
Punk Rock Gwen
Which Gwen Stefani style are you? (revised)

brought to you by Quizilla

ah, how i've loved thee since i was but 11 years of age.

i'm selling a TON of stuff on ebay as well as having the mother of all yard sales in june (during the annual absecon yard sale to you locals who'd care to drop by)

so does anyone want to buy me one of gwen's l.a.m.b. bags? i want the small white hobo bag with the lamb graffiti print.

i'm actually rather pissed that her new line of clothes/handbags are so damn expensive. what the fuck. most of your fans aren't rich honey!

i'm planning on depositing every paycheck untouched into my bank account and squandering my ebay/yardsale earnings on expensive things i've wanted to save up for (but can't really cause i've been in school and not working) like a mini pink ipod and perhaps the l.a.m.b. bag...but we'll see.

i have some tricks up my sleeve, i'll update with those later
Current Mood: weirdweird

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April 30th, 2004

03:25 am
and i REALLY miss heather and kim!!!!!!!


i'll be home soon...we have to hang out or i'll die

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02:24 am
i love lucy

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April 28th, 2004

11:05 pm - aahhhhh
oh man. i feel so confused. i want to do everything and anything all at once and yet i don't even know the first steps towards doing half those things!!

i think the saves the day song "hold" sums it up best:

"What am I doing with my life????!!!"

kajkf hajkfhklajh k hjkdhaj
Current Mood: crazed

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11:31 am
instead of going to class i am watching the jerry springer show

yea i'm definetly ready for the semester to end

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April 26th, 2004

12:09 am - a trip to the ER, ace and mallory, drinking at 2pm...
some teasers of my widener weekend

so let's address the ER trip first. i've been having sharp abdominal pains all over since wednesday around 1 in the morning. they were bad thursday, not as bad friday, not so bad saturday, then came back with a venegance saturday night. around 1? i guess. manda, her boytoy frank, jenn, and jenn's boyfriend greg took me to the nearest hospital. despite being doubled over in pain, crying, and looking ridiculous wrapped in my pirate hello kitty blanket, the nurse was still rather cold towards me. damn them and their learned indifference towards er patients. one of the secretaries was very kind to me though. i was hooked up to an iv, DRUGGED THE FUCK UP, and very upset. whatever the painkiller they gave me was made me shake and made my teeth chatter. i could feel it entering every cell in my body, it was frightening. i had to drink 3 cups of apple juice with whatever shit they put in it so catscans work. they tasted horrid but i was comforted by a jessica simpson music video on the tv. manda and jenn didn't leave till 5 in the morning after they found out i'd have to stay all night. the rest of the night is a blur, very much like how i imagine an alien abduction is. i kept falling asleep and i'd be woken up, go get xrays, fall asleep, wake up, was wheelchaired to the catscan room, fell asleep then woke up during catscans, a nurse told me i had beautiful hair (random), i may have gotten a pelvic exam too but i'm not sure. very very unfun.

so after all the bloodwork, xrays, and catscans they found nothing. good because it means i didn't have appendicitis, which i thought it was originally. bad because, obviously, no one knew what it was. jenn believes it was a burst ovarian cyst and some research on them makes me believe it may have been. however i still don't know for sure and will go to the doctor this week if the pain persists. right now it's very very dull.

so anyway. rewind to friday. manda and i party at ato. i barely drink my bottle of arbor mist cause i haven't really been able to eat/drink anything unless it's the blandest of bland. still have fun despite the poor party theme (cancun, which meant the floor was covered in woodchips as "sand", which meant it smelled like hampster). there were also two kiddie pools and i really wanted to go swimming with my friend tom but i was in normal clothes and not in the mood to get them soaked.

saturday started out promising, we went to a party at 1 pm and i kicked ASS, as always, at flip cup. drank some jungle juice too and was pretty much drunk by 2. my stomach was feeling better at that point, but when i tried to have lunch it started getting difficult again. i ate 1/2 a wawa pretzle, 1/2 an energy bar, and one of those tiny wawa hoagie rolls. by 9 i was sober, just in time to see ace and mallory of real world paris' q and a session. i didn't watch their season but they were both gorgeous in person. ace was sooo nice and i asked him about auditioning for the real world (i'm kinda interested, i figure hey why not try). mallory is so tall and sooo pretty, i'm very jealous. they talked shit on trishelle, who they confirmed was, indeed, a whore. she had sex with leo dicaprio and ashton kutcher, NOT cool!!! this was right after real world las vegas was over obviously. they also talked about the other cast members. mallory said simon was "like a sister" to her and that they were best friends. ace talked about his experience at teh vmas. he got to talk to the olsen twins who were frightened by his drunkeness. he also said he wore the blue tuxedo from dumb and dumber <3. he also stood next to justin timberlake at a urinal and found out justin has a bigger penis. ooo lala.

we drank some more after that but didn't go out after becoming paranoid of cops. we went back to the room and watched finding nemo. right at the end of the movie was when my cramps started to make me cry and we went to the hospital.

manda drove me back to school this afternoon and i've been napping and studying ever since. it was a really, really fun weekend (with the exception of the hospital trip of course)
Current Mood: tiredtired
Current Music: natalie cole-orange colored sky

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April 22nd, 2004

01:35 am - am i just a huge fucking dork...
...or does anyone else want to see that new movie 'mean girls'?

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April 19th, 2004

09:16 pm - instead of writing my crim paper...
...i filled out this survey that jill had in her journalCollapse )

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